Health Club

Health Club

Experience a magnificent summer at the seaside of Torre Canne, leaving the stress behind, pampered by expert hands and giving one of massages in our private beach, new in summer 2017 !.

Therefore not too far from the Hotel, obtained in the rocks, the refined SPA of  “Masseria Torre Coccaro” (Savelletri – Brindisi).

Aveda's mission is to take care of the world in which we live, beginning with our products ending with the way in which we serve the society. Aveda intends to propose an example of leadership and environmental responsibility. We wish to be considered an example to follow for all the world.

all the treatments performed here use herbs and organic fruits picked up in AVEDA lands. Musk, yucca, true aloe, camomile, lime, exotic fruits, officinal herbs and personalised essential oils are used for plant therapies aimed at suiting your needs.

the wide choice offered by the farm ranges from traditional ayurvedic massage on water mats, to shiatsu and reflexology, thanks to the expertise and professionalism of our staff, for whom human contact is key to the success of the spa.

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